The inauguration of the new academic year 2018-19 ,of Royal International School was held on 2nd April,2018 . The chief dignitary of the day was the President of Dombivli Education Trust , Shree Rajnikant Shah .Since meeting to our little Roylians was a special moment after the break, The whole building was decorated with beautiful flowers . The whole environment of the school was filled with fragrance of flowers. The opening ceremony was commenced by dance ,music played by dhol . We welcomed each little one with rose and teacher fed personally sweets (Gulab Jamun) to each little Royalian as a token of love and affection.

The Objective of giving such warm welcome to our kids was to make them comfortable and motivate them to start new academic year happily and also to keep them encouraging towards the studies and framing a positive approach towards the teachers and school . We consider our students and staff as member of “Royal Parivar “.

It was observed that the students enjoyed and connected with the atmosphere from the bottom of their heart . It was a great experience for them. Parents also appreciated our idea of welcoming the kids . Everybody felt proud to be associated with Royal Parivar. This event motivated the students to come to school with enthusiasm and keep them involved in various curricular and co-curricular activities. Students Started saying: “Royal is my school, I like to go to school every day”.

New Department

We are 6 months into the Academic year 2018-19 and it has been a wonderful journey so far. At the beginning of this year it was a mixed feeling of joy and expectations to achieve more. With our dedicated team of our Director, Principal Madam, teachers, support staff and most importantly valuable guidance and enormous support of our President Sir- Shree Rajnikant Shah, we have been able to achieve more than our expectation. This is not a result of overnight effort but perseverance to do more and get better result which has led to success.

Our student’s success story is so elaborate that it cannot be captured in few pages, still here are few glimpses of our journey which we want to share with you…..

Readiness Programme for Class I : 

The main objective of RIS behind this programme is to prepare the child who comes from the protected shelter and warmth of his parent’s lap fit into the new RIS system through their favourite ways: like poems, storytelling , action songs , drawing and colouring activities, fun games (Fruit games , Number games , spelling games) related to all subjects and healthy interaction with teachers and class mates.

Science Lab : 

Our school has well equipped science laboratory for physics, chemistry and biology. The students are encouraged to use the laboratory and learn through experiments. The teachers are conducting the experiments for hands on experience. The lab is well stocked with sufficient chemicals, specimens and instruments so that every student gets the opportunity to carry out the experiments individually.

Mathematics Lab : 

To develop the mathematical skill, our school had set up mathematics lab to learn about various concepts using tools, shapes and equipments. The vision behind the establishment of mathematics lab was “learning mathematics by doing” and it is the best way to dispel all the fears from it. Hence, we provide an individual kit to the students (based on the topic) as- Jodo kit, Fraction kit, Counting beads, Geo board, Number balancing, types of angles, 3D shapes for better understanding the concept.

English Lab : 

It offers our students a structured eLearning environment wherein we provide the separate computer with headphones to each student in which the English lab software has been installed which consists of different modules for enhancing the speaking and listening skill of the student.

Club Activities

This year our school has introduced club activities in primary section to provide our children a platform of learning with fun. In our school we lay due emphasis on different activities through active participation in various aspects as ecological awareness, mathematical concept etc. We introduced five clubs named:

Literacy Club:  

In this club our students actively participated in debate, creative writing, dramatization, recitation, fun games to enhance the vocabulary where our students got the chance to learn and exhibit their potential.

Eco Club: 

In this club our students took keen interest in scientific activities as mime act, dramatization on save earth, experiments on superstition, debate and elocution on disadvantage and advantage of plastics. 

Mathematics Club:

 In this club our students developed logical and mathematical skills and performed various activities based on mathematical concept as concept of zero, Reverse table, various shapes, presentation on achievements of Mathematicians.  

Hindi Club:

 In this club the students actively participated in debate, Recitation, Elocution, dramatization.

Marathi Club:

In this club the students were encouraged to develop their speaking skill and vocabulary in Marathi through various activities like debate, recitation, dramatization.


Games and sports are an integral part of a student’s life. A student should study hard to be successful in competitive examinations.   But our students should also play games and sports to enjoy the health and vigour of life.

Physical Education

  1. We have all heard the old saying.”All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” The importance of play or sports for children has become even more relevant in our current times. We Royal International School provide opportunities to our students to participate in various sports events/ competitions.
  2. We provide proper and good sports facilities, dedicated instructors and time to help our students pursue sports like football, Langadi, Kho-Kho and many more .
  3. We give basic training of motor skills to improve student’s sports skill, which is helpful to maintain their physical fitness .
  4. We have provided vehicle section for Std I in which they ride bicycles under supervision of sports coaches. It increases their physical strength.
  5. We give at least one physical education period in a day to our students.
  6. Apart from school hours we give special sports coaching on Saturday and Sunday to our students without any extra charges. We have appointed special coaches to train our students.
  7. We conduct Sports camps in Summer vacation and Diwali vacation free of cost and we award each and every student with participation certificate to motivate them.
  8. We indulged our students in various indoor and outdoor activities and many more fun games based on motor skills.
  9. We have Special coaches to teach chess and carom .Playing chess improves children’s thinking and problem solving skills. It builds self confidence among students.

Various Activities were conducted to enrich the experience and confidence in our students. This contributed in the overall development of their personality and will keep inspiring the students to participate in forthcoming activities with great zeal.

Reading Exercise

  1. In last few years we have observed that students were very weak and not interested in reading. Therefore we introduced newspaper reading in English, Hindi, Marathi .
  2. News paper reading is a good habit that can provide a great sense of educational value.
  3. Teachers take reading practice of students for at least 5 minutes in every period .It provides interesting things and ideas which can assist students in their learning process at school.
  4. It doesn’t only enhance the knowledge of the students about general information but it likewise improves student’s English, Hindi and Marathi reading skills and vocabulary.
  5. Our students have improved a lot and they take interest in reading.

Development of writing skill

Learning how to write brief paragraphs and essays is one of the dreadful experiences for the students in higher classes, but it is also one of the most important skill.

Now a days students ignore reading and writing. If kids don’t make attempt to learn the skill of writing at young age, they will face difficulties in higher classes.