The visiting doctors from the neighborhood hospital with which the institute has tied up,also provide medical facility. The school authority hold regular Health check-ups for every quarter( 3 month). A medical officer maintains the up to date record of health of every child. First-Aid and Medical care is available to the students in school as well as in buses, whenever required. The health card of each student is maintained and there will be dental,general,ENT body check up periodically arranged . Health & Hygiene Awareness programme is added in Pre-primary & primary curriculum. Health Club is an association of students in the school for taking care of everything that goes on to prescribing ways and activities for students to possess good overall health (Mental ,Physical, Emotional and Social).
Some activities of Health Clubs can be undertaken for promoting hygienic Environment in school.
  • Awareness drives in which students are sensitized towards cleanliness.
  • Plantation in schools as trees produce clean air by releasing oxygen.
  • Encourage the students for 3R (reuse, recycle, regenerate).
  • Give knowledge about proper hygiene and sanitation.
  • Proper food Chart for nutrition to be followed by the parents.

PARENTS AS A FAMILY : The learning goal can be achieved only when both the school and parent work in tandem. Therefore Royal treats parents as partner in the education of their child. The school keeps parents abreast by online school Management software, regular sms alerts, emails and circulars. Various events & Competitions are organized for parents such as Parents Day, Mother day , Cooking Competition , Best Out of Waste Competition , Navratra celebration where in they get a chance to show their hidden talent .

PARENTS INTERACTION PROGRAMME : One day in last week every month is allocated for PIP session for parents with teachers and school leaders for any kind of queries regarding child's studies, assessment, class work homework or even health issue etc. Apart from this one parent teacher meeting is arranged at the end of every term for taking a review of that term. Parents have to attend this program compulsorily to know about child's progress.