Culture & Tradition

COUNSELING CENTER: The counseling Center is managed by the school counselor, who is trained in Clinical Psychologist. The School counselors assists parents and students with their psychological problems. She helps the students to evaluate their abilities, interests, talents and personality training in order to develop realistic career goals.

MORNING ASSEMBLY: We begin the school day with a prayer. Athought for the day, headline news, interesting facts, recitation of poems and ishlokas', followed by a rendition of the national anthem are an integral part of the morning assembly. We start our day by making a firm commitment to do our best-for the school and ourselves.

CULTURE & TRADITION: Royal International School has a strong belief on rich tradition & culture of our country. Our students take experience of life in which individuals from different backgrounds, traditions and systems can live together in peace, harmony and mutual endeavour, recognising their common humanity, their position of privilege and their responsibility for themselves, for one another and for the world.

BEYOND ACADEMICS: Royal international School has always emphasized on the holistic development of the child. Keeping this in mind the curriculum has included a wide array of activities that would hone their talent and sharpen their skills. These activities are not only socially useful, productive and relevant but also open broader avenues for the child's overall development. These activities are also aimed at increasing their sensitivity to the environment and adding new dimensions to their hobbies and interests.

TEACHING STAFF: All our faculties are well experienced and qualified .Our teachers are specially trained to deliver an enjoyable learning experience that enables students to develop into confident adults and leaders. They are trained by experts and professionals in teaching methods, child psychology, behavior, use of education aides and Computer Technology. All teachers use teaching Aids to make the subject more interesting and easy to understand .