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From the desk of Chairman

I still remember the days in the year 1995, when we had first thought of venturing into education. As it was a totally new field for us the only way to learn was to become students once again. Thus started a learning process of finding what the education process in the country was, is and should be and after studying and contemplating various education systems, both in India and abroad emerged an education model which we given the name “ROYAL”.– Rajnikant Shah, Chairman

From the desk of Principal

A warm welcome for the session 2019-20 with hopes of success and learning’s of new dimension. Royal International School, Dombivli was established on 16th. June 2010 under the banner of Dombilvli Yuvak Education Trust. Royal International School is one of the best school of the entire Thane district.In Present scenario every parents is concern about safety and security of their wards…– Dr. Rakhi Thakur Singh, Principal 

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